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  • Spice up your trade event with Trade Show Table Covers

    Supposedly if you are to attend a tradeshow, which booth would you prefer to visit – the one which has a plain table

    with minimal product details, or the one with brilliantly customized trade show table covers having vibrant colors

    and optimal business details?

    Probably, your answer would be the later one. This goes for your business as well.

    We, at bsdisplays, have a wide range of Trade Show Table Covers to choose from.

    We help you design eye-catching table covers that can throw the exact impression on your customers that you desire.

    You can get the perfect cover that would match perfectly with the nature of your business and brand.


Different types of trade show table cover available:


Unprinted table throws gives a sophisticated look to your display effort. It helps you hide the uneven table and makes your presentation more organized.

Customized table throws:

This type of trade shows table covers are highly effective to advertise your business during events and shows. You may opt to imprint your company’s logo on the table throw and flaunt it during exhibitions, events of new product launches, special events and so on.

Adjustable length:

This type of table throws helps you with flexibility in their displays.
Stretchable table throws: This gives an ultimate sophisticated and professional look to your counter. This eliminates wrinkles and gives a perfect polished look.

3-4 sided tables throw:

This type of trade show table covers gives full coverage to all sides of the table. With this, you can easily hide all the unwanted equipment that may hamper the look of your booth.

  • Uses of trade show table covers:

    Being a business owner and coordinator you may be very well aware of the importance of a professional atmosphere while handling business meetings and conferences.

    Customized table throws provide you the best professional look that leaves a high-end professional impression on others. We help you gain this professional image with high-quality trade show table covers available with us.

    Outdoor events:
    Now with trade show table covers you don’t have to compromise on your professional looks during outdoor events.

    The customized table covers would scream about your business and brand to the customers with the highly vibrant and beautiful colors and texture.

    You can create a professional atmosphere with these table throws even when you are not at your office premises.

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  • Trade shows:

    Gather crowd around you at the trade show with the customized trade show table covers with us.

    We can help you with high-quality table covers that will beautifully complement your demonstration table and kiosk. Whatever your need may be we have numerous options for you. It’s highly recommended that during trade shows you select table throws that are dark in color with light colored logos.

    This gives an eye-catching appeal which helps you attract more customers towards your table.


    You spend a treasure in organizing special events for loved ones like birthday parties, weddings and so on.

    Then why keep the buffet tables plain when even they can be decorated as per the theme of the event?

    Just let us know what type of theme or message you want on the table cover and we would help you with beautifully designed table throws.

    Special occasions need special attention, and we at bsdisplays understand this fact very well. Hence, our gift for you on this special occasion would be our high-quality and reliable services.


Can you imagine of placing your new launches on plain tables? Do you think this would gain you a good response from the visitors? Well, the answer to this would obviously be a big ‘NO’.

Customized trade show table covers prove to be the finest exhibit decors that can add extra charm to your exhibition display. Personalizing the table tops help you gain high customer attention.

Except for the above-mentioned uses, there are many more uses of trade show table covers like – events, demonstrations, and so on.

We help you make all your events highly productive and effective. Get in touch with us today and provide us the design that you want to be printed on your table cover. Let the voice of your business echo with these trade show table covers.