Shipping And Delivery

by sea

We shipping the fastest way possible using the worlds best freight services. Sea freight, Air freight or express delivery

As a manufacturer we supply custom Retractable Banners, Pop Up Displays,Displays Flags Banner, Promotional Counters,Canopy Tent Displays,Poster Display Stand,Table Covers,X Stand Banners,A Display Banners to every part of the world. Some customers will use their own freight forwarders some will prefer us to handle the shipping for them.

We have an in house freight team that takes care of this all. So whether you need sea freight, air freight or standard express delivery we’ve got you covered.

Some Shipping Terms:

FOB: Freight on Board, this means product cost without freight.

CIF: Cost Including Freight, this means product with freight included.

Total Cost: also means product and freight included.