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  • Pop Up Banner Get noticed at trade shows

    Do you have an upcoming trade show and looking forward to get your brand highly noticed at the event?


    Retractable display banners are the best to catch the quick attention of your customers.

    We at bsdisplays help with customized Retractable Banners that are easy to assemble, fold and store.

    Unlike other popups and poster holders that need the use of hardware for setup, portable banner display prove to be more

    beneficial as they can be easily handled and assembled without any hardships.

    You get a huge number of choices from us regarding the type of roll up banners you would want for your event.

You may choose among triple, double-sided or even single vinyl or fabric panel.

The customized artwork on these pull up banner is of high quality which can easily grab the attention of your clients.

These types of retractable banners are highly used during expos, conventions, tradeshows or at a retail shop or showrooms etc where customers can be informed about various offers and deals that you have with you to offer them.

The vibrant colors used on the trade show banners help to have a lasting impact on the minds of the passers-by even after they leave your booth.

This is the best way to stand out from the competitors and communicate efficiently with customers without even actually approaching them.

Customized roll up banners have the power to let the customers approach you by themselves and gather information about the product or offers that you have.

Some important stand up banner features are as below;

  • Variety of sizes: Whatever your requirement is, we have roll up banner stand for you from small to large size.

    Beautifully customized banners that can best fit your business needs are important to get more customer attention.

    Variety of styles: Though the Roll Up Stands are highly used during trade shows,

    however the different styles available also enable you to use them for floor model advertising, place them outside your office lobby, small banners can be used as tabletop display banners,

    if you are creative with space usage, you may also hang light weighted roll up display banners on the walls of your business area.

    Compact and easy mobility: No matter how big pop up banner you are using once disassembled, the banner becomes very compact and can be stored in a small space.

    These are very lightweight and can be carried from one place to another very easily.

    Even the stands used for the portable exhibition board are lightweight. Hence, easy mobility enables you to use it frequently making it the best onetime investment.

  • Variety of sizes retractable

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  • Variety of styles retractable

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  • Long lasting fabrics: The fabric used for portable display is of high and durable quality.

    The long-lasting feature of the fabric helps it to stay as good as new for a long period of time.

    Unlike cardboards or plastic displays, the fabric of roll up banner does not curl or fade. The graphics display on these banners proves to be more vibrant and lively and seeks easy attention of customers crossing them.

    Low price: Expenses incurred on advertisements is usually high and depends on the type of method you are using.

    In any condition, spending on roll up banner is always cost effective.

    You may choose from the huge range available i.e., from small size to big size banners, and pay accordingly. As they are durable and stay as good as new for a long time, you can always reuse them as per your needs.

    Easy storage: Once assembled back, the roll up stands can be placed in the carry case.

    This keeps the pop up banners protected from any external damages and enables easy storage.

trade show banners Seek easy attention of customers:

If customers have multiple choices to choose from during trade shows, then, usually your customers try to make decisions as per the details they see on the retractable banners.

An ideal advertising banner should have details like – headline, description, company name and logo, your website details and so on.

Try to keep the information precise and effective, this is because customers won’t stand in front of the banner and read everything at once, they would just glance at it, and you need to make full utilization of this one single glance.

At bsdisplays, we in China help to give you the best offer available in the market. Just get in touch with us and you are all set to get a new exposure for your brand. we are the real manufacturer with wholesale custom pop up banners and trade show banners