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Bsdisplays is a manufacturer of pop up counters displays, Our pop up tables are easy to set up, portable and durable and Sold allover the world, We are the China’s Leading Supplier Of exhibition counters Displays

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  • Display Counters-Get Known Among Your Customers.

    Do you have an upcoming event for launching your new services of brand awareness?

    Are you looking for promotion table, Pop Up counter displays that can give you a huge exposure to your niche?


    we at Bsdisplays have a huge range of Portable counters flag banners that can perfectly fulfill the purpose of advertisement for you.

    The main intention of any business promotional activities is to attract more and more customers and let your customers know about your new launches and products.

  • You personally cannot hold your banners or mouth advertising to gather a crowd around you.

    So what can be done?

    Yes, you guessed it right

    Trade Show Counters Displays.

    These display counters are the best and easy way to attract your customers towards your counter.

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  • Promotional Counters Displays china

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Our display stands make one of the best items for promotional counter solutions.

These counters are highly recommended for exhibitions, demonstrations, and presentations, launch events and so on.

Customized banners wrapped around these counters make them and unique part of your promotional activities.

These customized counters help you to stay out of the crowd and have your own different presence and identity among others.

Large Selection Counters With Different Size And Shape

  • Cost-Effective Trade Show Display Counter Solutions

    Made with sturdy exhibition quality materials
    Multiple shapes, sizes, and price points are available for just the right match.
    Graphics can be changed within seconds
    Lightweight counters that either convert to shipping cases, or pack down into a small box

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Pop up Table Booth Aluminum Frame Demo

Aluminum framed structure provides extra strength and stability

Internal shelf provides storage space,great for distributing samples and product demos

Blank header for signs or graphics,carrying bag for storage and transportation

Wooden countertop enables longer life span,easy to set up and assemble in minutes without any tool

Self-adhesive strap fabric to hold the countertop

  • aluminium alloy luxurious counters

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  • Product description

    This foldable promotion counter is portable and easy to set up. It is constructed of plastic and has an aluminum framework for extra strength and stability. It makes a great addition to any trade show exhibits, traveling presentations, or in-store displays

    Overall Dimension30-3/4″L x 15-1/2″W x 72″H
    Countertop Size30-3/4″L x 15-1/2″W
    Header Banner Size31-3/4″L x 7-7/8″W
    Counter Front Banner Size29-1/3″H x 25 1/4″W
    Side Banner Size29-1/3″H x 11-1/4″W
    MaterialsPVC, wood, aluminum
    Package Content:1x Promotion Counter 1x Carrying Bag
    Item Weight23.55 pounds
  • high density

    High Density Medium Density Fiberboard
    Good under gravity
    beautiful and difficult to deform

  • folding design

    Folding Design
    convenient storage
    Save shipping cost

  • nylon plastic

    nylon plastic
    solid and durable

  • butterfly screw

    butterfly screw
    convenient rotation

  • steady bar

    steadying bar
    Aluminum alloy 16mm diameter

  • In House Design And Printing

    All our printing, is done in-house on high-definition printers. We also have a graphic design team who collaborate with you for the optimum design for your displays.

    Prices Competitive

    bsdisplays is a China leading manufacturer of top-quality marketing and merchandising display products,our displays sold allover the world.In fact, our prices are so competitive

    Excellent Material Quality

    All material are imported aluminum, First class aluminum,professional tooling and has more than 20 processing experts to operate

Different Types of Portable Counters Displays:

At BSDisplays we deal with many types of display counters. Few of them are explained as below;

  • Promotional tables or Trade Show stands:

    These tables are ideal solutions for demonstrating your products, distributing samples,

    easy interactions with customers and much more.

    If you are to participate in an upcoming trade show event, traveling presentation, product displays, etc,


    promotional tables are the best for you.

  • promotion counters displays china

  • pop up counters

  • Pop-Up display counter or promotion desk:

    Counters that are branded and include information about your products launch are helping you attract the attention of the passers-by.
    These counters can be easily used for indoor and outdoor purposes.
    These display counters are printed and customized beautifully in order to get more and more public attraction.

    The construction of these counters is big enough to accommodation maximum two individuals so that you can work in a group during your marketing campaigns.

  • Supermarket promotion counters display:

    These supermarket promotion counters are ideal for displaying products at shopping malls,

    banks, food junctions, and many more.

    They are very lightweight and easy to assemble.

    There is a separate header included with the kit.

    The body of the counter is made up of PVC, silver anodized poles, the top;

    base and shelf are made of molded white plastic.

    The durability of these counters is very high


    hence can be used for a long time.

  • Supermarket promotion counters china

The above mentioned are just a few of the models. With BSDisplays you would find numerous ranges of designs and styles that can fit exactly the need for your promotional tactics. These event counters display not only grab the attention of your customers, but it also provides a sophisticated image to your business as a brand. If you have a new launch or new event to participate, then promotional counters displays is a must for you.

  • Real Factory Not Middle Man

    BsDisplay is a professional design & manufacturing company that has make exhibition displays,

    promotions signs,Canopy Tent Displays & advertisements for over 18 years.

    Our 3,000 square foot factory in Guangzhou,

    China has won numerous awards for producing high quality products.

    Best advantages of Promotional table Displays:

    Easy portability:

    These counters are easily portable and can be managed single-handedly. You don’t need to be a pro or expert in using trade show counters.

    Easy assembling:

    You can easily assemble the display counters for yourself. These counters are durable, however, are very lightweight. Hence, assembling and disassembling is just like a piece of cake.


    Display counters are ideally designed for promotions and sales activities. The designs help you to easily display products, provide demos, and interact easily with customers and so on. Such type of display counters is highly used for events like – seasonal promotions, food product displays, etc.

    Strong and intact:

    Though the promotions counters displays are easy to move and light weighted, still they are very durable and long-lasting. They provide you an appealing professional look, standing behind the counter and explaining about the products that you have launched for your customers.

    No tools required for assembling:

    The promotional displays counters are designed in such a way that in order to erect them straight you do not need any tool or accessories. The dismantling and assembling can be done with bare hands without using any extra accessories for this purpose.

    Various choices as per your requirement:

    Promotional displays counters are available in many designs, sizes, and shape that can best suit your promotional needs. These counters are ideal to give live demos and displays of products to your customers.

    Digital printed graphics:

    Counters look very appealing once they are customized with beautiful designs of your brand and products. This not only helps promote your new launch or products but it also provides a pleasing and attractive view to customers, hence enabling you to get a wide scope of customer approach.

    One-time investment:

    Once you invest in buying promotional table displays, it means you are actually investing in marketing solution that would stay with you for a long time. These counters are re-usable; all you need to do is change the banners or promotional designs as per your new launches and events.

    Customer focus:

    This is one of the main advantages of promotion counters. Your executive standing on the other side of the counter to promote your business showcase the fact that you are customer focused and keeps the customer’s privileges on priority. This helps you gain more customer approach and trust.

    Targeting specific market:

    As the counter displays already highlight the promotional products, it helps in targeting customers with specific needs. For example, if you are into cosmetics, then promotional banners and designs can be highlighted accordingly in order to attract customers who would be interested in your products (especially women), thus counter displays help you attract genuine and specific customers and save a lot of time.

    Making shopping fun for customers:

    Trade Show counters are highly surrounded by customers who like shopping and are curious to know about the new promotions and launches arriving in the market. Thankfully the count of such shopping lovers is high compared to those who are not interested. Hence, beautiful banners with promotional and vibrant designs attract these customers easily.

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    Some best practices that need to be followed

    Just having counter stands during events is not enough. You need to understand few tactics that can be used to help you gain maximum customer attention. Some of the best practices that can help you in your marketing events are as mentioned below;

    Bold designs:

    The POP designs should be bold and vibrant. They should not only be eye-catching but at the same time, they should be informative too. Using big and readable fonts would help in seeking the easy attention of the customers. Big and beautiful fonts, bold colors, custom shapes, etc can help you make your display counter more attractive for the customers to visit.


    People tend to attract to brands that talk to them. Well, this doesn’t mean that your products need to talk to the customers; however, your promotional counters displays can do this for you. Design the counters and promotional activities in such a way that you can have healthy interactions with your customers. This includes – interactive games, business card drop box, tear-off coupons, QR code, touch screen and so on. The more you make it interesting for your customers, the more you would gain response.

    Personal and emotional copies:

    Just ending up with bold and vibrant designs for promotion is not enough. You also need to add some valuable text on you promotional counters display. This text should highly talk about the benefits of the products for the customers rather than its features. Customers are keener to know what advantage or benefits you can give them than other competitors. Hence, these display counters act as a weapon for you which can be used to let customers know what extra you have to offer them than others.

    Placing counters on the right side of the entrance:

    Scientifically it’s proven that customers usually tend to turn towards their right once they enter a shopping mall or any other place. Hence, if you want them to check out your exhibition counter display first, then it’s better to place them on the right side somewhere near the entrance. This would help you gain easy recognition.

    Be vigilant:

    This practice is highly important if you are dealing with valuable items on outdoor promotional activities. Display counters are easy to access for theft and other malpractices. Hence, if you are displaying costly items on the counters, it’s advisable to have more than one executive placed for the job. This would reduce the risk of theft.