Printing Methods

Printing methods used for our custom displays designs

Once you invest in making your own customized flags or banners, you usually see it as a long-term investment.

Hence, it’s very important that the durability of the fabrics and prints used should be long enough to provide this feature to you.

Technically sound printing methods can help you with providing long life to the prints and colors used so that you may reuse them multiple times.

At bsdisplays, we use 4 types of printing methods

  • Screen Printing:

    This method provides good quality prints which are economical and super fast.

    Screen printing method is usually used in case of large orders which needs quick and accurate action.

    This method helps you get the exact spot color that you are looking for.

    Few advantages of screen printing method is a below;

    Durability: This method ensures high durability of the fabric and color used for printing purposes.

    Size: No matter how big the project is, screen printing method makes it easy and quick to finish the task efficiently.

    Versatile: Screen printing method can be used on all types of fabrics as per your requirements.

    Cost-efficient: Unlike other printing methods, this is one of the most cost efficient methods of printing.

    Best output: This method has the capability to deliver vibrant color finishes.

  • screen printing1

  • Dye Sublimation or Digital Print

  • Dye Sublimation or Digital Print:

    In this method the image is printed on a special transfer paper and once printed, the color is set on the fabric from the paper by using heat technology.

    The color production by this method is bright and sharp and this also enables to catch even the smallest details on the fabric.

    Few advantages of Dye Sublimation process is as follows;

    High-quality output: The end results received after using this method is of high quality.

    The colors are vibrant and the pictures tend to be more realistic.

    No fees: This process does not need any setup fees.

    Convenient printing: The printing process is convenient and easy, however, it is ideal to use for small projects.

Digital direct Print:

In this method the image is prited on fabric direct without transfer paper,Heat fixation through high temperature.

the colorfastness is not good as sublimation print.

It is usually used in case of large orders which needs quick and economy.

it’s It is suitable for Short-term promotion

We also have offer inkjet digital printing.

bsdisplays proffers high quality PVC banners, stickers, posters and display stands to be fittingly suit your

advertising campaign.

You may choose the type of printing as per your project size. Send us the artwork and leave the rest to us.