Flag Color Chart

  • PMScolors

  • Colors are very important to consider when you are trying to design a flag or banner for your promotional activities.

    Colors play a very important role in trade shows, events, exhibits, etc, to grab the attention of the visitors.

    However, just throwing any color on the fabric would not help. Mismatched colors can end up to disturbed color sequences which can hamper the complete look of the final product.

    At, bsdisplays, we help you with PMS (Pantone Matching System) chart to help you choose the best color combination for your banner or flag.

    This PMS chart is easily available on our website, all you need to do is, choose the preferred combination and let us know, we would design your flag or banner accordingly.

    “bsdisplay only use advanced equipment & high quality material
    Printing Machine with High Degree of Accuracy from Japan
    Environmental Digital Ink from Italy
    Transfer Paper from Netherlands”

    hence we are able to provide you the nearest match every time.

    No matter if you choose dye sublimation printing or screen printing, we will do our best to give you the perfect results by best matching with the PMS solid coated colors.

Few advantages of PMS color chart are as below;

Efficient branding:

When you are into promotions of your brand, you need to make sure that all the logos and other required designs are consistent and identical on all the banners and flags you use.

In such conditions, PMS color chart proves to be very helpful.

More color options than CMYK:

With PMS color chart you get more color options than the regular CMYK.

This helps in coming up with more vibrant and unique output.

Better coverage on large areas:

PMS colors are the best to give the even consistency of color saturation on a large surface area.

Get in touch with us today and design your customized banner or flag. Just choose the color you want and we would do the rest for you.