Feather Flags

Custom Feather flags for outdoor advertising

Constructed from polyester, custom flags are extremely durable, and resistant to any changes in weather. In addition, their heavy weight ensures that no matter the weather, your Outdoor feather flags will remain flying high.
A feather banner is perfect for drawing attention to the goods and services that you sell, and make your advertisement stand out from the rest. With a variety of height adjustment options for you to choose from, we ensure that you receive a fully customized and personalized flag. You can choose from 8 ft., 10 ft., 11 ft., and 19 ft. This ensures that no matter where you are, you are surely going to attract the maximum number of customers to your shop.
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Base Options

There are a variety of base options that you can choose for your feather banners. Depending on the height of your flag and where you want to place it, you can easily choose from a variety of options, ensuring the best for yourself. The base options for you feather banners include:

Ground Spike

This option is perfect for a flag which will be mounted on an area with dirt or grass. Simply twist in the ground spike till it is steady, and you are ready to go

Cross Base

The cross base is the best option for any flat surface. However, the cross base amounts to almost 10 lbs. in itself, so it is natural that you would require additional support on the cross base to keep the promotional flags upright. To do this perfectly, you could simply stack sandbags against the cross base, and get the weight that you desire.

Heavy Duty Flat- Base

This base is perfect for when you have to keep the base out of sight, in a drawer or under a table. The stand sits on a pole with low visibility. The heavy duty flat- base weighs at about 16 lbs., and can easily stand on its own.

Full range of Base Options

Our comprehensive range of business flags Bases allows our flag range to be the perfect cost effective branding solution for both indoors and outdoors, on any surface from soil and sand to concrete and grass.

different material advertising flags poles

We have full range of flags poles option. all Aluminum Pole Kit for Feather banners is heavy duty, 100% pure aluminum we provide fiberglass and aluminum flag pole and all fiberglass flag pole various options
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flags package

Deluxe canvas carring bag for complete set including flag pole, graphic and the base, we also have econonic inner back for flag pole choose whatever best for you
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Double Sided

if you have some writing that you would want displayed on your business flag, you would obviously want it on both sides. You can choose to print your writing on double sided feather flags, or if you have different logos that you would want printed, we can do that for you as well
double sided feather flags
single sided printing

Single Side

A single side print will make your designed appeared ‘mirrored’ on the opposite site of the feather banners. The single side print option is extremely cost effective, and is perfect for when you simply have a logo you want to display, or insert your feather signs in the front of a particular place.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years of experience, we based in China have mastered the art of delivering exactly what you want from us. We are extremely high tech in our printing options, as for us, quality and customer satisfaction matters most. we are the real wholesale feather banner manufacturer
For this purpose, we utilize heat transfer printing in our work, with an ink quality which is among some of the best in the world. Moreover, we have always worked in tandem with our customers, and have never employed a middleman to do our job for us.
This ensures not only cheaper prices, but a more personalized interest in your work as well. These are the reasons why are customers recommend us highly, and keep returning to us again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Are teardrop banner better than rectangle flags or teardrop flags? How do I choose?

Usually, all flags are named after their shape for ease and convenience. In essence however, there is no actual difference between any of the flags. The difference in shapes is just a matter of your personal preference. There are just a few basic differences between them- for example, a teardrop flag will be more stretched out than a business flags- but except for shape, all flags are the same.

What is the flag made of?

The flags are made of the highest quality of polyester, and is about 110 gm. in weight, or 0.8 oz. Polyester is termed as the best material for these flags because they are not only sturdy, but can also withstand wind.

What is the usual lifespan of a custom feather banners?

If handles adequately, a advertising flag can last up to 2 to 3 years. However, if the flag is not handled properly, or if it is perpetually out, exposed to the elements, then the lifespan can go down drastically. Usually the reduced lifespan of a feather banners is a mere 9 to 12 months. But due to our world class products, high quality of ink and a personalized pursuit of perfection, our flags last up to 18 months in harsh conditions. However, if you want to increase the capacity to the maximum, make sure that you do not leave it outside for too long.

Will the wind blow my 2 sided feather flags away?

The stands that we make are extremely strong. However, with some custom flags, it is possible that extremely heavy winds may blow them away. Generally, it is not advisable to keep your custom feather banners out in bad weather conditions. However, if you have no other option, or if the wind picks up suddenly, the best way to seek recourse would be to place sand bags on the stand of your business flag. This will add some weight, and will not blow it away easily. Of course, height is an important factor as well. The larger the flag, the more the possibility of it blowing away. The best option for you will be sandbags.

Marketing flags: Advertise outdoor like a pro

Do you have a business that has everything that you might require to advertise your services and products in an indoors settings, but when it comes to marketing in an outdoor setting you seem to become dumbfounded?

The range of promotional flags that we have at BSDisplays is your answer to this problem

We provide them in every style range and different sizes, thereby providing you with ample choices for brilliant advertising in an outdoor setting.

These advertising flags are created with a flutter style in mind, and any customer that comes across it, will get attracted to your business’ services and products, once they get to notice it.

It is a brilliant lure to increase your brand’s appeal.
A lot of businesses use custom banner printing to help with greater brand recognition and help their companies promote new services and products with awesome slogans, while in an outdoor setting.

You get a various range of options like flag stands, swooper displays, banner design, pennants for stock messages, etc. that you can print on these business flags to make them even more attractive.

The pennants can be filled with the message or slogan of your choice, and target your desired audience while creating the best benefits for your brand.
They are also very lightweight and can be carried from one place to the other very easily
making it effortless to move them to the outside location of your choice.
Some of these promo flags, are even available with dandy bags, that are highly utilitarian and help you in carrying the event flags with greater ease. You also get the option of including a banner pole with these brilliant outdoor flags, which enable you to set these up at any beach, retail store, plaza or any other outdoor setting of your choice.
You can use these flags for a number of events in order to promote your merchandise and create the highest amount of success for your company and brand. Events like street fairs, performances, festivals, athletic competitions and music gigs, see the use of these kinds of flags the most.
The best quality of these flags is that they have been designed to endure weather of normal and moderate nature
whether it be a windy, rainy or snowy day.

A harsh weather is known to damage flags and banners of this kind, but there is protection in the feather signs provided by us at BS Displays. The rugged construction of these flags provides some protection against weather of such nature.

This is one of the reasons why they are also referred to as sail flags. You also get the option of having your custom message get draped around the arms provided with the body of the pole in the occasion of there not being enough wind to help the flag sail.
Another brilliant option that you get with some of the larger variants of teardrop flags that we have is rotation of the flag in the direction of the wind. This prevents the flag from tipping-over or tangle in an ugly fashion, when there are strong winds blowing around.
This brilliant capability allows your custom flags to create a very attractive motion in the instance of strong winds, while also mitigating the chances of the message becoming obscure and not-readable, every time a strong wind blow.

How are these sail flags different from others

You get the option of including custom messages on these sail flags, thereby making it easier for targeting specific audience and customers.
Transportation and setting up of these flags are very easy given the carry bags given with them and their lightweight nature. They can be easily assembled and disassembled. Being highly portable, these promo flags are your best choice for advertising your products while you are on-the-go.
Some of the poles provided along with these flags have the option of stretching the body of the flag in such a manner that the message becomes clearly visible to your customers, even in the time of no to little wind.
There are special models that rotate in the direction of the wind to prevent the flags from falling over or getting tangled with the pole during the time of harsh winds, thereby making for an attractive thing to watch and promoting your message adeptly. You also get different base options with us thereby making it easier to position your flag and set it up in any kind of outdoor setting.
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We have brilliant experience in creating great custom feather flags for over 15 years now
With the immense amount of experience that we have and the prime quality materials that we use, we guarantee to provide you with outdoor feather flags that are simply outstanding.
We also make us of state-of-the-art technologies to provide stability and versatility to our marketing flags.
The provision of various base options and custom models makes it easier for you to choose the right variant of promotional flags that best suits your needs.
Choose us to make sure that you advertise in style and never give out on quality.
We at BS Displays, are dedicated in making your advertising flags solutions simpler.