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Excellent for outdoor windy areas
Wide range of flags that are portable and easy to set up

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Various Available Sizes

  • Various Available Sizes

Stand Options

Bsdisplays provides wide range of Flag’s accessories to suit all situations, whether you are exhibiting at indoor show where floor space is restricted, outdoors when the wind is blowing strong, a busy shopping center where flags may cause a hazard, or a crowed summer event where visibility at a height is essential.

  • Stand Options1

  • Cross Base Stand

  • Stand Options2

While deciding on the stands for your custom flags, it’s very important to analyze the ground conditions first. Depending on the ground conditions you can decide on stands like – A metal cross base, square metal base, metal or plastic ground spikes, wall mounted bracket and so on. Most of the stands have space for water filling in order to give it the extra weight to stand intact. Choosing a perfect stand is very important as if the flags are not intact and firmly placed, they can cause mishaps at crowded places like malls, market areas, shopping centers and so on. We would help you with the correct stand that can match the flag that you have chosen along with considering the ground surface conditions at your end.

  • Cross Base Stand2

  • Flag accessories

  • Stand Options3

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  • feather flying banner fiberglass flags

  • Features:
    Item name:feather flying banner fiberglass flags
    Material:fiber glass
    Print: digitial print ,Dye sublimation,screen for choose
    Size:3m,4m,5m for choose(feather shape)
    Technique:Cut and sanded ,assembled
    Advantage:Light,Good flexibility,durable,if has flags it colorful to catch peoples’ attantion.
    Logo:custom design

    1.It is lightweight , portable and easy to install
    2.You can choose different base such as crossed, spikes, square, waterbag to fit the actual use
    3. Solid table and cloth;
    4. Perfect in trade show, exhibition, booths.
    “OEM Customized Covers According to Your Requirements.
    Tension Fabric Heat transfer printing”

Pole length2.9mm3.9mm5.1mm
Graphic size200*50cm240*60cm340*70cm
Carton Size:153*24*22cm153*22*13cm153*22*14cm
weight of Ctn19kg11.5kg14.5kg
Qty Of Pole2pcs3pcs4pcs
Inner Rollor14.5mm14.5/16.5mm14.5/16.5mm

Why choose Bsdisplays?

  • Customized designs and printing

  • Displays flags of all sizes:

    We can offer your advertising flags right from your tabletop to the top of your building/office. This means that whatever size and quantity you need, we can provide you that. Customized banners and flags are the best to promote the business in a more professional and sophisticated manner.

    Customized designs and printing:

    Increasing competition has made it very crucial for every business owner to take advertising and branding very seriously. Customized flags are the best to leave a high impact in the minds of your customers. We can help you with customized flags banner which can be effectively used to attract more and more customers. The quality of the dye and colors used are high-end which provides you with maximum durability.

  • Worldwide services:

    Though we are based in China, this does not restrict you from availing our services. Yes, you read it right; we provide services all over the world. Presently we have a huge customer base in countries like – Australia, Middle East, the United States, and Africa and so on. The actual fact is that 80% of the total production is exported by us. Hence, no geographical boundaries can stop you from getting the best services from BSDisplays.

    Huge experience:

    We are in the display industry for more than 16 years. The commitment of best services and high-quality products has helped us stay so strong in this business for a long time. We aim at following the same in the future as well. Thus, good quality services are something you can bet on with us at BSDisplays.

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  • Rectangle, Teardrop with

  • the best way to get huge customers response

    If you think why advertising is important for your business, then probably you are thinking why a tea bag is important to make a tea. It’s that simple, until and unless you don’t advertise your brand to the targeted customers, you cannot expect your business to grow the way you want it. Displays flag banner play a very important role in advertising. We at BSDisplays provide you with some of the best-designed display banners and flags that would act as an extra kick start in your efforts of growing your business and brand.

    Now you might wonder about, why do you exactly need displays flag banner in today’s digital world where everything is done online? The answer to this question is that though the world has gone digital still the basic advertising tactic lies behind how frequently your customers see your brand while they move around from one place to another. If you highlight yourself (brand) to your customers frequently, you would definitely leave an impression on their minds as a brand, and exactly this is what branding and advertising are all about.

    You might have noticed big displays flags banner while walking across big restaurants, government buildings, offices, colleges, and so on. The flags that wave with the wind are a very delightful sight to see. Even you can own a personal displays flags banner for your brand and make it wave with the wind on your office top or during any upcoming important event. Get in touch with us at BSDisplays and we would be able to help you with the type of flag that can best suit your needs and requirements.

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Importance of displays flags banner for business advertisement:

If your customers like what they see, then they would definitely explore your business to check what it is all about. You cannot always display the products to your customers directly. The first impression is given by the displays flags banner outside your office/shop, or malls, roads and so on. Hence, banners and flags act as a reflection of what exactly you deal in and hence can attract a correct niche of customers towards you. The best advantages that display flags banner can provide to your business are as follows;

  • Better Representation:

    Can you expect to attract customers sitting in a shop which has no advertising boards, banners or flags? The answer probably to this question would be a big ‘NO’. It’s a known fact that banners and flags act as a representation of the business/organization. The second factor about the flags is that plain and dull representation can hamper your image as a businessman. If you add in extra beauty (designs that go with the nature of your business) with vibrant colors would indirectly reflect your personality as a businessman to your customers.

    Customized flags leave a long-lasting impression:

    Plain banners and flags are of course of no use. These need to be customized as per the designs of your business nature. A customized banner leaves a lasting impression on your customers. If your customers come across flags and banners with your business name and details frequently, then they are likely to know you as a brand. We provide customized flags and banners to help you grow your business. The best part is that we are not dealers, in fact, we are manufacturers, and hence you would get want you are exactly looking for. Just let us know about the style of flags you are looking for along with the logos and slogans and we would customize the banners for you accordingly.

  • displays flags banner manufacturer

  • flags banners china

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  • Attract more customers:

    You can never estimate who your customer can be, hence, advertising helps you attract not only the niche you concentrated but also from different niches. This is mainly because; customers tend to do word-of-mouth advertising for you. In this way, your brand gets exposure among those who haven’t actually seen your banner or business flags but are looking for services you provide. In this way, it helps you gain a wide scope of the customer base. Customers usually tend to buy what they see. Thus if you have the ability to give them the visual pleasure they are looking for, then definitely you are on the track of winning them as your regular customers.

    Promotional flags for returning customers:

    You being the owner of your business cannot stand outside your office and talk about the offers and promotions you have for your customers. This sounds a little weird, isn’t it? Thus, in such cases, banners and flags do this job for you. These promotional banners are actually best for those returning customers whom you don’t want to leave. Returning customers are easy to hold on if they are provided with better offers, and to let them know about these offers, nothing can do its job as perfectly as promotional banners and flags. At BSDisplays, we understand the importance of each and every single customer for business. Hence, we help you in designing the best customized promotional flags and banners which can serve their exact purpose, i.e., the growth of your business. You don’t have to spend a fortune for the growth of your business. We give you the best deals ever as we are the manufacturers and hence no extra or hidden costs are added.

  • Your business needs customized flags:

    In today’s highly competitive world where a new business emerges every single day, it becomes very difficult to make your customers stay with your brand for a long time. Unless you have a strong advertising base, customers would tend to divert towards others which can hamper your business highly. Customized flags are the best to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers. Informative and beautiful flags outside your office or the office of your dealers would definitely gain the attention of the passerby’s. You never know who your next customer would be and hence, these flags help your customers understand what exactly you deal with. We provide customized flags at great deals which would definitely add extra punch to the advertising strategy of your business.

    Continuous exposure:

    The displays flags stand up intact and strong 24/7, all days a week and promote your business all the time. Hence, once invested, you get a source that provides a continuous exposure of your brand and business to your customers.


    The flags banner prove to be very cost effective as they provide high-end durability and long life. Hence, investing in the displays flags is a brilliant choice as this helps you gain huge with minimal cost.

  • displays flags china

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Whatever type of business you may be dealing with, small or large; advertising should not be taken lightly.

Until and unless you let your customers know about ‘What’ and ‘Who’ you are, it would get difficult for you to achieve your business objectives.

Displays flags banner is the best to let your customers know about ‘What’ and ‘Who’ you are.

Once the customers are aware of your services and promotions, they would definitely divert towards you.

The designs of different displays flags banner are unique and sophisticated to help give your customers a clear vision from a long distance.

displays flags banner manufacturer

Above all, you don’t need to be a pro for assembling the flags.

The assembling and disassembling is very easy due to the lightweight and easy portability of the flags and stands. However, though lightweight they are strong enough to withstand heavy rains, winds, and heat.

So, what are thinking about?

Get in touch with us today!

You may visit our website or even call us and know more about the designs and patterns that we deal with.

Just send us the designs and logos that you want on the flags, we would get them printed.

Once done with the printing, we pack the orders and ship it to your address.

Our services are very fast, quick, accurate and reliable. Give your business a new face in front of your customers.