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Bsdisplays is a top leading manufacturer of display stands for stores, retail, and commercial purposes?

We have vast years of experience in the design, development, and delivery of high-quality display Racks at competitive prices
From start to finished we adopt the best manufacturing methods along with the use of cutting edge technology and top quality materials to provide a wide range of display racks stand
Our entire team of professional experts remains fully committed to providing our esteemed customers with superior and durable display stands that meet industry standards and exceed user expectations
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Display Stands - Acrylic, Metal, Wire Racks & More

At BS-Displays we have a wide range of products that include Acrylic display stands, metal display racks, pop display stands, and wire display racks. We choose only the best, high quality, and durable materials for our vast product range, to manufacture stands that meet and exceed customer expectations.
Our best performing range of products include:

Acrylic Display Stands:

Our Acrylic stands are made from high-quality materials, built to last and fantastic for showcasing a wide range of items in strategic points
The clean, simple, and clear appearance of our acrylic display stand makes it a favorite among retailers for product and service exhibitions.
As a highly versatile option, the acrylic display stand comes in many different forms that allow you to exhibit items inside or out to consumers
Our acrylic stands are attractive, high impact resistant, lightweight, long-lasting, and an incredible display solution to advertise new or discounted merchandise
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Metal Display Racks

As the name suggests, this type of display stand is made up of durable and strong metal with a sleek finish that looks great in any display setting
The sturdy metal frames and base of our metal display racks stands, provide much-needed support to safely place different merchandise of varying size, shape, and weight on display
We offer a wide selection of versatile metal display racks with multi-leveled compartments or tiered shelf racks to present commodities to consumers.

Wire Display Racks:

The wire display racks we produce and supply from BS-Displays are durable, tough, and ideal for your brand’s unique needs.
Our wire display racks are manufactured using durable heavy vinyl coated steel wire
The strong wire structure will allow for long term use giving you more value for your investments into the display stand.
Our wire display racks are available in different sizes and forms such as wire grid display units and racks you can choose from.
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Display stands for store, retail, and commercial fixtures

It is difficult, if not impossible to walk into any store or retail outlet without seeing an acrylic, metal, pop, or wire display-stands carrying promotional items and commodities for sale. As key fixtures of in-store marketing endeavors, they are applicable to all kinds of promotional activities both large and small
It is no surprise why there are different shapes, sizes, and designs available in the market today. Whether custom or standard these fixtures are most especially used as;
Supermarket Displays china

Supermarket Displays:

Supermarket displays are the first point of contact between your products and a shopper in a supermarket or retail outlet. Their main function is to house and promote products that are available for sale.
The appearance of the supermarket display is critical as it can either hurt or help your visual merchandising strategy. They are your non-silent, sales representative and as such must be chosen carefully.
It is also important to note that the type, size, and design of any marketing display stand you choose will affect the number of products it can carry and its placement in-store.
Larger supermarket displays can carry more goods and are usually placed side by side in the middle of the store’s aisle.

Product Display Stands:

Product display stands are a wonderful way to make your products stand out at exhibitions, trade fairs, and even in-store.
The high economic value of product display stands makes them a great option for an effective visual merchandising strategy.
Picking and properly positioning the right product display stand, can attract shoppers, stimulate their interest in the product, and prompt a purchase. They are great for improving product image, increasing brand exposure, and visibility.
Available in different designs and types, promotional stands display consumable, non-consumable goods and other commodities that are up for sale.
Product Display Stands china
Pop Display Stands china

Pop Display Stands:

We also deal in and supply quality pop display stands that are a great solution for your exhibition needs.
Our pop display stands are available in a variety of options including single, double, and multi-sided display structures to display a unique brand message or showcase your product.
All our pop display stands are easy to set up, portable, flexible, easy to store, and possess many other features that make them ideal for exhibitions, expositions, and trade shows.

Why Choose Bsdisplays


Real Manufacturer

We have a 3,000-sq.ft. modern design and manufacturing facility situated in GuangZhou China

This coupled with our committed and skilled workforce ensures we have the capacity and capability to manage a diverse range of display products requirements
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Highly Skilled Team

We have over 20 years of individual display stands experience.
Our workers are all master craftsmen who pride themselves in creating quality products, which are built to last.
high skilled team

Speciality Services

We are also able to provide custom display stands,
with different styles and captivating designs to meet your retail, store, and display needs
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Advanced Machines

We own advanced printing machines, 50+ automatically machines Most of them are Japan and Germany brands
We also have acrylic sheet manufacturing line
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Contact Us Today For Your Display products

At bsdisplays, we have a wide range of custom display prodcuts.
including promotion counters, feather flags, canopy tent displays, pop up displays,

We can help your products to stand out in-store,outdoor or any other retail environment with our durable, top quality, and beautifully designed custom display prodcuts.

All the display products we offer are professionally customized and allows you to arrange all your products in a marketable, neat, and attractive fashion for faster sales.
Wherever and whenever you use a display stands from BS-DISPLAYS you can be certain that it will fully deliver as a silent and effective sales personnel for your brand.
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