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  • Canopy Tent Displays

  • Custom Canopy Trade Show Tent Displays In China

    We are Bsdisplays, one of China’s leading suppliers of tent displays today.

    A large number of companies extensively uses our products for marketing.

    Our range of tent displays include portable outdoor tents that are used in fairs, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, marketing events, and other outdoor venues

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Promotional Tents Quick Set Up With Budget

Are you looking for an easy branding promotion and a quick set up tent within your budget?

Trade show tents would be the best fit for your purpose.

These tents are available in various sizes such as 10X10, 10X15, 10X20 etc.

We will provide you with trade show tents in any size as you wish with highly visible prints and it will not be affected by natural

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Custom Printed Canopy Tents Advertising Outdoor Folding Tent

40mm Hexagonal aluminum frame Pop up canopy tent

Boost your promotional efforts with bsdisplays

Direct manufacturer in China for retail & wholesale,providing cost price


Widely used for indoor & outdoor advertisement,trade show exhibits, events,special promotion,fairs

  • 30mm square tube aluminum
    30mm square tube aluminum

  • 38mm square tube aluminum
    38mm square tube aluminum

  • 40square tube steel
    40square tube steel

  • 50mm deluxe aluminum
    50mm deluxe aluminum

Pop Up Promotion Counter For Tent

Pop up promtion counter for tent

Best collecation for tent folding table with customized table cloth

  • tent for table

  • table for tent

Optional ground weight,Enhance wind resistance

  • Optional ground resistance

  • weight,Enhance wind

  • resistance

Optional portable wheel carring bag

  • Optional portable wheel

  • carring bag

  • carring bag china

What makes us Standout?

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  • Affordable Pricing Ranges

    We manufacture trade show canopy,branded tent displays and wholesale them to our clients at affordable prices.

    We have an experience of over 15 years in this industry.

    No matter which kind of exhibition tent you need for your product and service promotions,

    we will provide you with event canopy tent meeting all of your specifications every single time.

  • Team of expertly trained professionals

    We manufacturer all marketing tent displays in-house.

    We have a team of experts, rigorously trained to design the perfect tent for you.

    We use high-end material so that you can have a visible print on tent displays.

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  • Weatherproof technology

    We do provide full weatherproof protection to your canopy tents.

    Our branded canopy are created using only high quality base materials that can withstand sun, wind, and rain. Regardless of your event or the type of craft your display,

    if you are using our branded pop up tents for your exhibitions, your valuables will be fully protected from the elements.

  • Value for Investment

    If you are planning to organize only a couple of outdoor events for marketing of your products and services, investing in outdoor canopy tents would be far more affordable compared to setting up a permanent display marquee.

    We provide display tents at affordable prices.

    Since we are the manufacturers, you can get the product at a wholesale price giving you a much higher value on your investment.

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  • Customization

    We provide customized canopies in every available sizes as per your requirements.

    These tents are portable and can fit into even a smaller place.

    If you need any graphic to be printed on your tent such as a logo, we can imprint it with the help of an indoor printing machine. elements.

Custom Made Canopies And Pop Up Tents

We have canopies for every event. Whether you are looking for a casual promotional canopy tent display or a more hardwearing option, Bsdisplays can provide you with all types of canopies and tents as per your convenience.

Tell us the size and we will get you a promotional canopy tent in time.

Custom canopies are usually great for arts and crafts shows, car shows, sporting events, and corporate promotions.

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Pop up displays

Pop up displays are also affordable and portable used mainly formal promotions and in-store brand activation. It is ideal for venues where you need a portable backdrop that demands height restrictions. Pop up displays are also available in vivid sizes. You can have it engineered as per your demand. These displays can also be easily installed and lights can be fixed on the hooks of your tent. You should be clearheaded about the purpose for which you will use these pop up displays. This is because designs come in various sizes and types and each design has a specific use. No matter what you use it for, we are ready to provide you with the perfect design meeting your specifications.

Display flags banner

We offer banner flags in several different types and shapes too, such as rectangle banner flags, teardrop banner flags, custom feather flags, bowed feather flags, and swooper banner flags. You can choose the perfect flag banner for your business. Each banner flag have different features. Check the features and decide which display flag banners can help you the most.

Promotional counter displays

We can help you if you need promotional kiosks and displays. Promotional counter displays and tables are portable and easy to use. You can use these tables in big societies, events, and exhibitions. The best advantage of these promotional kiosks are they can be easily installed and removed. Our promotional counter displays can be used in various marketing events.

BSDisplays provides promotional tables for marketing campaigns to varied sectors. Whether you need it for pharmaceutical store or educational sector, we will offer you these tables at extremely affordable prices. Our promotional kiosks are lightweight and portable. You can pack them even in a shoulder bag that you can carry anywhere with you.